ProServe is a nationwide real estate valuation, investment and property preservation company focusing on distressed assets in residential and commercial real estate.

Our commitment is to provide our diverse client base with quality and reliable services in the following areas:

Property Preservation

From the time you acquire the property until its conveyance, ProServe is your eyes, ears and muscles. Our expertly trained team conducts detailed inspections, negotiates cash-for-keys evictions, preserves and maintains the property, and manages access to the property for all vendors and stakeholders.

REO Property Improvement

For ProServe’s investor clients, our goal is to add value to the properties you acquire. We’ll evaluate the property and its neighborhood and suggest improvements that will give you the most return on every dollar you spend on renovations, whether it’s a fresh coat of exterior paint, an updated kitchen or new flooring.

Real Estate Investment

Whether you are newbie, seasoned “flipper” or mortgage lender; whether you plan to buy and hold, buy and flip or buy and convert; and whether your interest is in single-family properties, multi-family dwellings, apartment complexes or residential-to-commercial conversions… …ProServe will help you take a distressed property and turn it into a commodity