Property Preservation

Property Inspection

Your goal is to have the shortest vacancy period for your investment. Our goal is to minimize your expenses and inherent risks that come with distressed properties during those holding periods. A thorough inspection at the start ensures a quick conversion to market and a bigger return on your investment.

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Occupancy. Once our team has assessed the occupancy status of the property, we proceed with the eviction process. If the property is unoccupied,we secure it to prevent vandalism and trespassing.

Safety & Violations. We report security issues and code violations; secure the property and pool according to HUD and local code specifications; and make sure the property is free of health hazards.

Secure. The locks on all properties are replaced and, if requested, a lockbox is placed.

Signage. Our subcontractors are trained to place required legal notices, as well as bank and real estate signs.

Photography. Every property’s interior and exterior is thoroughly photographed in the condition in which we find it, during preservation and maintenance and upon completion of all work.

Report. Within 36 to 48 hours, you will receive our itemized inspection report listing all needed repairs that will bring the property to loan specific conveyance condition.


Cash for Keys

Our team is trained to negotiate on behalf of our clients to avoid expensive evictions and holding costs. We use a proven formula to calculate the best cash-for-keys prices with the goal of making the turnover smooth and more economical than eviction.

REO Preservation & Maintenance

After our initial inspection and once the property is vacant, we service the property as needed until it is sold.

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Initial services

• Secure unsafe conditions (for example: repair broken stairs, exterminate rodents, remove mold)

• Replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

• Debris removal—trash from interior and exterior, hazardous materials, personal belongings

• Winterization

Maintenance services

• Full-service lawn maintenance & landscaping

• Emergency maintenance 24/7

• Janitorial services

• Full-service pool maintenance

• Weekly, bi-weekly and on-demand inspections

• Allow access as needed for contractors, inspectors, real estate agents and other stakeholders, and re-secure property upon their exit.



With knowledge of local ordinances in each of our coverage areas, we move quickly to bring the property to code. Our inspectors look for violations and recommend ways to prevent them from occurring during vacancy. We are the point of contact for enforcement officials, inspectors, subcontractors and members of your team, and we emphasize good communication throughout the default-to-conveyance process.

Other Services

In addition to the standard services listed above, we are equipped to handle circumstances that are unique to geographic locations, types of properties and hazardous situations.

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• Evictions

• Post-disaster inspections

• Manufactured and mobile-home inspections

• Multi-family home inspections

• Maintenance and repair to items discovered during other inspections

• Biohazard material removal and remediation (as in drug labs, chemicals, Chinese drywall, asbestos, mold and lead paint

• Order specialized inspections as directed (for example, with licensed and bonded roofing, biohazard, electrical, HVAC, pest control inspectors)